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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yamaha MT-10 Super-naked Bike 2016

Yamaha MT-10 Super-naked Bike 2016
Yamaha MT-10 Super-naked Bike 2016
Hay Bro Sis...Yamaha presented on Monday in Milan after the arrival of the new Yamaha YZF-R1 Yamaha you could be expected to be tempted to produce a super-naked derived from sport. What was not expected is that it was already on the EICMA 2015 where the new bike got a Yamaha MT-10 is the signature star of the tuning forks all its innovations by 2016, among which a totally new model.

MT-10, a supernaked Crossplane powered by the engine of the YZF-R1 that falls squarely within a highly competitive segment where brands such as Aprilia with his RSV4 Tuono and BMW with the recent S1000R increasingly gain more weight. The now famous’ Dark Side of Japan “which has influenced both the latest models of Yamaha is present in this spectacular MT-10, a motorcycle futuristic appearance will be one of the biggest stars of EICMA.

Starting your engine, Yamaha has not been with nonsense and mounted the same engine of the YZF-R1 2015, four cylinders in line with cross-plane crankshaft whose power is, at present, unknown. Obviously the engine receives changes to soften and get their response push midrange, with a new intake, exhaust, supply and optimized crankshaft. The exhaust is made of titanium, it has 4-2-1 collectors and a new valve.

The electronic level, the MT-October 2016 Yamaha introduces the D-Mode system with three modes of operation that works with the YCC-T electronic throttle: standard, with consistent performance throughout the rev range; Mode A, with a sportier character in low and middle; and B, the softest of all, ideal for low-grip conditions or high traffic urban driving mode. The traction control system offers three modes, besides being switched off, 1 to 3, sportier the first, second and third intermediate type very intrusive, ideal for rainy days.

The MT-October 2016 incopora one slipper clutch A & S similar to the YZF-R1. This clutch has a sloped cam located between the clutch housing and the pressure plate. This mechanism increases the pressure of the clutch springs and allows use of a less resistance, which makes the feel at the lever be much smoother. When the torque of the rear wheel is returned to the clutch withholdings, these cams allow the pressure plate has a certain degree of slip, allowing the pair to properly absorb retaining full control and increase comfort March.

Following the electronics, the MT-10 also features a cruise control system between the 4th and 6th gear, with increases of speed of 2 km / h through a button located on the left pineapple.

Speaking of the chassis, the MT-10 opens a new Deltabox aluminum frame designed from the chassis mounted on the YZF-R1. The new steel subframe has all the anchors and mounts to facilitate the installation of bags and accessories. The wheelbase is short, 1400 mm, making this MT-10 in one of the most compact naked market. The new aluminum rear swingarm is also inspired by the R1, pivoting near the center of the bike to promote stability. The fuel tank is 17 liters.

The flagship of the MT range is giving so much joy Yamaha looks almost the prototype design with full LED headlamps recharged, similar to that of the R1 and base Fluorescent Night decoration to turn heads as LCD instrumentation. The driving position is more relaxed than in sports from which it derives, but does not make it less warlike.

Currently Yamaha provides no details Crossplane four-cylinder engine and 998 cc equipped, conveniently adapted to perform better at low and medium engine speeds. The electronic help theirs when juicing with YCC-T throttle control, three levels of traction control, Yamaha D-MODE three power maps, and Slipper clutch type Assist and cruise control above 50 km/h.

What we do know is that it is one of the most compact high naked performance by having only 1,400 mm wheelbase, to improve the agility of the bike. An ease that also give the Deltabox aluminum chassis, the front fork 43 mm fully adjustable aluminum swingarm or brakes with ABS as standard, dual 320 mm front and 220 mm radial calipers behind. Unknown power, weight and height of the seat in the MT-10, which speaks of the care with which this development is Yamaha. Long teeth …
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