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Friday, December 11, 2015

Yamaha MT-09 Bloody Mary Motorcycles by Liberty Yam

Yamaha MT-09 Bloody Mary Motorcycles by Liberty Yam
Yamaha MT-09 Bloody Mary Motorcycles by Liberty Yam
Hay Bro Sis...Yamaha MT-09 make a simple and timeless … voila you challenge the concession Yam Liberty was given a few weeks ago to the result that you have before you! The Perigueux dealership, Liberty Yam, is not a stranger in the markete of tow wheelers, last time we talked Aircraft of his work, it was at the contest customization “Built Yard” dedicated to European dealers Liberty Yam Since the raid had put in the VMax category.

Last for its preparation, has not pushed the team work and as far south devolved to cast you are MT-09 roadster. The complex was as simple goal and both Johann Stresses Herbet, director of the brand “The primary objective of giving was one timeless style but in the MT-09 mixing dynamics and the retro world of stunt. Paradoxically, the complexity of the project was to make an MT-09 “simple”, especially its front! ”.

This Liberty dog, painted in a red colored livery, in harmony with the brushed aluminum effect. A working leader signed Perdo Paint in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. As stated by Yohann, gait Liberty Yam is mainly aesthetic. Motor and braking remain standards. The aim was to purge the line, to affirm the character, to be fitting with the full engine vivacity, navigate in “any Liberty” between mind and coffee stunt racer. Thus, the bow has a new look, in a quest for simplification, with a view new look with retaining lugs were made in ABS with a 3D printer, alongside a handlebar 250 WRF riding on the bridges MT-125.

In battle, the counter has been moved. Ditto for the Neiman which now finds shelter under the seat. Important work has helped to cover up the harness for a very neat appearance. The seat has also been revisited, showing a pace car by integrating a backsplash FZ1. An integrated fire Rizoma completes this stern while participating in the fluidity of the silhouette. To send good sound without getting neighbors to back, Liberty Yam selected a Termignoni exhaust, Pirelli MT 60 RS tires like the Ducati Scrambler adding to the sleek look of the beast. Expect to pay about € 13,000 for snapping up the beautiful!

If one can point the finger optical front too “tinny” in relation to the whole, for the rest of the team worked well to Liberty Yam are subject and His good will surround the image of craftsmen Paint Perdo full of red paint for candy / gray brushed aluminum effect or for Lumello upholstery. Also, the simplification of the front panel you need to move the Neiman who migrated to under seal and the block counter, but also in integrating scoops flashing Les Avants.

Finally, this Yamaha MT-09 Bloody Mary, I Replaced its handlebar is a WR250F em by the bridges come from a MT-125, you Bihr handles in rubber, exhaust the Black Edition line and at Termignoni You pneumatic em MT60RS crampons, at Pirelli. Curious also have the most remarked simplification of the rear part of the removal flap, and the taillight, the integration of a new rear light and flashing Rhizome pose.

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