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Friday, December 18, 2015

Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2016 the 4th Generation Motorcycles

Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2016 the 4th Generation Motorcycles
Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2016 the 4th Generation Motorcycles
Hai Bro Sis...Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2016 Already an evolution for the FJR 1300! After major overhaul in 2013, chap thought the road would go back calmly big Yamaha for a decade. Silhouette remodeled, electronic suspensions on AE and AS versions, revised engine, traction control, cruise control, dual injection mapping, dashboard modernized: the list of improvements could make him quite vintages in peace. Well, not really.Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2016 the 4th Generation Motorcycles

The FJR is a step in 2016 to provide fine developments that are sure to interest the riders daily and / or long term. At the instant, not easy to distinguish this 4th generation FJR. Even fairing same chassis, same seat, same packing. Passing fleetingly sneak preview before you or the court, you will not make the distinction. It is approaching ……… closer, on the left, one perceives THE big change this FJR. There is a small set of numbers before the selector, who now walks from 1 to 6. Tilt! The left foot just hit your approach his conduct too. After 15 years under a box 5-speed FJR wins a 6th gear. Enough to ensure stronger reminders, make the most of the generous power of the 4-cylinder of 1298 cm3 and a lowered cruiser engine speed. Keep smiling.

The manufacturer does not simply add a pinion in the box. It is all of this transmission has been redesigned. The manufacturer bazarde the spur gears for a helical profile. Yam This is the first to benefit from this type of gear. Will we finally have a sweet selection, refined and flawless on Iwata models? Technically, this box 6 already benefiting from a reduction of 400 gr without being wider than the box five.
Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2016 the 4th Generation Motorcycles
Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2016 the 4th Generation Motorcycles

A new slipper clutch with new springs and a special cam between the bell and the pressure plate reduces stress at the clutch lever. Especially, by digesting the excessive torque transmitted from the rear wheel to downshift, it helps stabilize the bike on hard braking. It must be recognized that with 146 horses in the reactor and over 14 kgm of torque, a jovial and generous right hand were quick to take the FJR for aeronautical speeds. Okay, I admit, I first wanted to bring the focus on this new transmission. For the first approach, the FJR 1300 “4” also differs from the former by its flagship game. The facies of the optical unit before has not changed but inside, Yamaha introduced the big news. Lighting is full LED, the positron beam is chevron shaped with multifaceted reflector; and all these people provides increased light output and a very aspect spaceship. We love.

In turn, Yamaha offers adaptive lighting technology. Thanks to the on-board inertial platform, FJR knows when it takes the angle and three LEDs in each headlight light as and inclination measurement. Reflectors placed along a certain axis with propriety shed light on the roadside, the amount of light being thus optimized according to the dynamics of the bike. Ecueil, this system is now reserved for AE and AS versions controlled suspensions. Not having it would be this optional on the A version, it dislikes. The fire also backward changing. Finally, taillight, I should say the Star Trek stern light. An array of LEDs provide a striking dimension to tail signaling. Do not procrastinate for ages; rather take a look at the gallery of images, it is more meaningful.

Some details are to be credited to this general evolution of the FJR 1300. The dashboard benefits from effluvia finishing with a tachometer so calligraphed Series R (R6, R1 old, etc.), a new arrangement of information on the central LCD display and an anti-reflection treatment.

Oh, also, the FJR now think an extra level of security and external. I mean the airbag jackets. She is scheduled to host the D-AIR Dainese kit, with all wiring, sensors and the necessary bazaar. Attention, it is not installed on the wheel! Yam has prepared the ground for installation on board, nuance. Yamaha FJR 1300 “Episode 3” we seemed perfectly accomplished. “Phase 4” shows that the road segment has not finished drink technology. Winning a sixth speed as good numbers of users have been waiting for, completely revisiting its internal transmission, improving its lighting and winner Modernity road vessel continues to improve. To satisfy the most possible backpackers, each version has these improvements: FJR 1300 A present here, AE variant with electronic suspension, and technology with the same full AS suspates and robotised gearbox ..

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