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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Triumph Street Twin Test as Successful Motorcycles

Triumph Street Twin Test as Successful Motorcycles
Triumph Street Twin Test as Successful Motorcycles
Hai Bro Sis...It is spectacular judgment about the Triumph received its entire range Classic 2016! A “full overhaul” we just test the flagship model, the highly anticipated Street Twin with a water-cooled engine and stalled at 270 °. Sacrilege or blessing?

The legendary Bonneville was previously re-launched in 2000, the flagship of the range model “Classic” Triumph. But that was before … because in 2016, the new entry of neo-retro British band changes everything, including his name! However, out of the question to forget its roots: The Twin Street takes its name from the old Speed ​​Twin produced in the 40s and more current Street Triple. Thus, under false airs vintage, latest technologies have taken possession of the premises, such as the type of ride by wire throttle, traction control, the redesigned chassis and especially the newest vertical twin water-cooled now! If the spirit of the Bonneville therefore remains the rule here, the technical break with the past is more spectacular than ever. A cocktail that plays on the heartstrings while promising to adjust to the new canons of the genre. Let’s see.

The Queen of the big gap?
At a time when some volume manufacturers dare a breakthrough in the neo-retro with modern bases more or less incongruous at first and somehow adapted to this new trend, Triumph continues to work on a fully developed platform for the vector segment and in terms of presentation, it of course makes a difference. Because the first thing that is noticed in contact with the new Twin Street, is undeniably its manufacturing quality. A trademark already well known Triumph, which reconfirms here: impeccable paint, careful to new stalks, carefully combed connectors behind the handlebars and above all a perfect integration of the cooling radiator and all its circuit housed in the housings. Difficult to find fault, the manufacturer is already past master in the art to combine the flavor of the past with the demands of our modern world, and this legitimacy is expressed again here without surprises.

Twin for all
Once aboard, you discover a redesigned dash in the neo-retro spirit, but (unfortunately) still without tachometer, a new start to stalk rocker encountered on all new models English. Pressing the battery and vertical twin 900 cm3 snorts … Ah! Finally a series of Bonnie ringing! This is already a first satisfaction, dual exhaust emits a beautiful soundtrack, full, hoarse, crackling without exaggeration that some attribute to the BMW R Nine T for example. Triumph therefore has not missed this point and good, because particularly sensitive for fans of the genre.

For its part, the clutch control is proving highly flexible, thanks to a new system that reduces the effort required for the spacing of the discs during downshifts. The two levers are adjustable in spacing; the seat is very low 750 mm and narrow enough to allow the arch over 1.65 m in place both feet flat on the floor. Small jigs will rejoice, even though the head will warm their kneecaps. The big guys 1.85 m and above, however, regret having to withdraw more legs. He will remain as long to cope with the maneuvers off without using the engine where the Twin Street can not hide its weight: 198 kg dry we will check the bike-station balance. However, from the first laps, the English shows remarkable ease from hand to hold, at least the level of the previous generation. First big recovery at low rpm in second … rrraahhHHHH YEEESSS !!! He pulls this new mouthful
Triumph Street Twin Test as Successful Motorcycles
Triumph Street Twin Test as Successful Motorcycles

Long live the “water cooled”!
In a general way, electronics increasingly present on motorcycles has contributed significantly to smooth engine character, erasing these hollows and sudden accelerations that contributed precisely to make them more endearing, perhaps. And it is a priori that we also feared for Twin Street before the test, though, admittedly, it would have been difficult to do more cutesy than the old block air cooled 865 cm3 of Bonneville … Surprise ! There is nothing on the new English twin, on the contrary!

With no tachometer, so you have to rely on its own sensations, piloting “by ear”, to gauge the novelty. But here, no need to drive hundreds of kilometers to be convinced: Triumph did not lie! With its 8 dice torque daNm 3230 rev / min, parallel twin pulls strong down and offers a nice “roundness” half throttle or what is ultimately an heir expects a long tradition. The downside, his reach “high speed” is not his “cup of tea”. And understandably detailing its data sheet: its internal dimensions bore x stroke 84.6 mm 80 mm are almost “square” (ie as the piston moves a distance almost equal to its diameter) which generally promotes behavior “round” than frantic “in the towers” … The Street Twin enjoys arguably a more marked character than the previous generation. It is played from the manufacturer, especially as the flexibility of its bloc largely shows sufficient in current use, with the added very little vibration thanks to the two balancers.

… Only five-speed?
But perfection is still not of this world (fortunately?), Including the new retro roadster English. First, note a slight tendency to be heated lap in traffic, even through jeans motorcycle equipped with protections. Then, it is mainly the selection stiff, dry, very sound in passing the first or even the second, which caught our attention. While the switch has a very short travel and box proved accurate throughout our test. But it is definitely too harsh. He will arrange the running things? Hard to say, we will know more in the next comparative.

Moreover, the choice of a five-speed traditional on big engines “torquey” may seem questionable. Certainly, Twin Street seemed we properly staged, the third report showed even a nice versatility, often asked in town and on small roads, but did not exempt to demote turns out effectively. Conversely, past 130 km / h, the engine began this time to “grind”, even if it is obvious that this type of bike can be enjoyed at much greater speeds usual.

Therefore, a six-speed gearbox with three tight first and sixth reports “overdrive” would she have been better here? You will give us your opinion in a few months on the maxitest Twin Triumph Street. For now, especially retain the real pleasure of this bike in real life and its 55 horses alive.

Retro look, keeping neo cap
Chassis side, there also Triumph has done a big job. No less than 18 months of testing with different frameworks were needed to determine the ideal geometry. And it is clear the appropriateness of the team of David Lopez (manager of Triumph tests): The New Street Twin holds up as an Italian … (almost)! Rigid enough, it reveals a front nearly as accurate as that of a sporty roadster. At very low speeds, however, the distribution of the masses on the back leads unsurprisingly a slight blur in the front, the direction giving the impression of looking his way a bit. As soon as the pace increases on small roads, rigor invites himself again and the most full-bodied corners are swallowed without difficulty. Pirelli Phantom entirely new nothing to do with the first versions which equipped Ducati Sport Classic have sufficient grip even on wet surface as in this test. The brakes, comes standard with ABS studied by Continental, has enough power and a nice mix. Amortization side, if we can not ask the impossible to suspensions with 120 mm travel, we enjoyed a preserved comfort.

Test and Review: “Bonnie revival”
Triumph has hidden his game. If the new Twin Street lot like the Bonneville that we knew until then, it is nevertheless a good all-new platform engine/chassis and, frankly, a very nice work . Impeccable build quality, engine life, efficient chassis, this new generation has everything to seduce and last, though it will also confront increased competition. The neo-retro whets appetites, ranges are expanding, especially Italian, with sparkling Ducati Scrambler and the highly anticipated Moto Guzzi V9, both in the same price range. Sold from € 8,900, or € 90 less than the standard Bonneville 2015, the new Twin Triumph Street will fight so also in the field of prices, while providing benefits definitely up to par. Choose … except obviously be difficult if you follow our comparative next …
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