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Friday, December 4, 2015

Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World
Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World
Hay Bro Sis...Imaginary engines dream, high quality materials and unique features are some of the elements that define the 10 most expensive motorcycles in the world. They come in almost all segments; all are produced in series and are or were available to anyone who wants and can agenciar selas.

We doing consider these luxury cruise list:
  • Series Ecosse FE Ti XX – approximately 221,000 euros or 248846 US Dollar
  • Honda RC213V-S – approximately 188,000 euros or 211688 US Dollar
  • NCR 16 – More than 150,000 euros or 168900 US Dollar
  • Ronax 500-119000 euros or 133994 US Dollar
  • Icon Sheene – 118,000 euros approx or 132868 US Dollar
  • Y2K MTT Turbine Streetfighter – approximately 110,000 euros or 123860 US Dollar
  • NCR Leggera 1200 – Up to 103,000 euros or 115978 US Dollar
  • MV Agusta F4CC – 100,000 euros or 112600 US Dollar
  • NCR MH TT – 96,000 euros approx or 108096 US Dollar
  • Vyrus 987 C3 4V – Up to 75,000 euros approx or 84450 US Dollar
Series Ecosse FE Ti XX – approximately 221,000 euros.
And as we come to the most in luxury on two wheels. Ecosse Heretic replaced its model, worth nearly 200,000 euros for this FE Ti XX. Behind its elaborate appoint a naked lies a 2,409 cc engine that yields 225 hp, the top brand so far. Not only the engine makes the product, as it has details with a leather seat Berluti house, ceramic exhaust with titanium finish and so with each item. Only 13 were produced, one for the actor Brad Pitt. Now the creator of the brand is working on a new model that could reach 400 horsepower thanks to the action of a Turbo.

Honda RC213V-S – approximately 188,000 euros.
Following in the footsteps of Honda RC30, signature wing has finally fulfilled his long dream arisen since 2002 to put on the road a sport derived directly from MotoGP. The Honda RC213V-S 2016 of the Honda RCV1000R ‘client runs’ of 2014, which has been suitably adapted to be registered and get reasonable maintenance intervals. In its standard version it gives only 159 horsepower, although the kit for circuit draws all its competitive streak, with more than 215 hp and 160 kilos of dry weight.

NCR 16 – More than 150,000 euros
It has just been dethroned as the most brutal sport and face of the planet that churns. Take the engine of the Ducati Desmosedici RR, dress it with carbon fiber chassis, add details such as a ceramic brakes and you get the Millona. It also has a striking design and a number of scandal, 200 hp and only 145 kilos. To rival any race bike.

Ronax 500-119000 euros
This German brand set out to produce a replica of the Honda NSR 500 with which Valentino Rossi won the last 500cc world title at stake. Therefore we are talking about a sports 2-stroke 500 cc registered for the street. Brutal. Its 160 hp and 145 kilos in vacuum are secondary when the bike starts and starts ringing. A heavenly gurgling that it is increasingly difficult to find nowadays with the rule of the 4 times. 46 lucky ones will enjoy the benefits of another missed time.

Icon Sheene – 118,000 euros approx.
Another motorcycle tribute, in this case the Icon on the ‘7’ most famous motorcycling history, Barry Sheene. Equipped with a Suzuki 1,400 cc engine and turbo yielding nothing more and nothing less than 250 hp, 52 units were produced entirely made by hand and with a test before the customer to adapt its position on the bike. Of course you have to see the good Sheene with an element of these in your hands.

Y2K MTT Turbine Streetfighter – approximately 110,000 euros.
Tuned bike that looks and a questionable decor, this MTT Y2K Turbine houses inside a turbine Rolls Royce hits the dyno 320 hp, a powertrain itself a drag race. The rear wheel 240 mm, LCD or rear camera installed carbon fiber fairing are standard. What is not standard is the optional 420 hp turbine to sweep anybody in a drag race. Rub the top speeds of 400 km / h … if you have the guts to get there.

NCR Leggera 1200 – Up to 103,000 euros
With NCR Leggera 1200 has wanted to produce the final Supermotard and glancing at the technical data does not walk away from it. In its 1200 version Corse, the higher-end option, boasts 132 hp and only 135 kilos. Materials such as titanium or carbon fiber are to blame for this model is only approved for circuit performance for the most extreme variant.

MV Agusta F4CC – 100,000 euros
Born from the mind of Claudio Castiglione, the MV Agusta F4CC was from the moment of conception the option for the wealthiest clients of the Italian brand. What Castiglione did not expect was the sudden crisis that first prompted the sale of the house to Harley-Davidson and then repurchase with an uncertain future. In this transition they are still available a few of the 100 units that went on sale in your day. Its 200 hp and titanium parts in the engine is a classic within the most extreme Superbike series.

NCR MH TT – 96,000 euros approx.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the last victory of Mike Hailwood in the Tourist Trophy NCR decided to create a retro tribute model without sacrificing clearly elitist product positioning. Its 130 horsepower does not make it the fastest bike shot in the Isle of Man, but his titanium frame only 5 kilos, a total weight of 136 kilos and an incalculable sentimental value justify this expenditure. It is assumed. There were only 12 units.

Vyrus 987 C3 4V – Up to 75,000 euros approx or 84450 US Dollar
Vyrus the Italian brand is famous for using a unique front suspension system, which leads to the end with its 987 C3 4V. 1,200 cc engine made in Ducati part of the 165 hp, but what stands out is the fairing Alutex made with an extra resistant and lightweight material that leaves the final weight in just 159 kilos dry. Combining power and agility that make it one of the most street bikes high performance and clear connections to Moto2. And with multiple options.

“To avoid suspicion say that monetary figures may change depending on foreign exchange and time”.

What do you think? Are they worth what they cost?....
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