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Friday, December 18, 2015

Electric Motorbikes MOVEA Plan 2016

Electric Motorbikes MOVEA Plan 2016
Electric Motorbikes MOVEA Plan 2016
Hai Bro Sis...So far the government aid granted to the electric bikes were organized through the PIMA Air Plan; when granted and sometimes not even that. By 2016 these grants become part of the new MOVEA Plan, which covers aid to all ecological vehicles. Management has prepared 300,000 euros for electric bikes in this plan a total of 16.6 million euros. Better than nothing, but it is clearly insufficient.

the “Plan to Promote Sustainable mobility Alternative Energy Vehicles” MOVEA. The new Royal Decree that regulates the direct granting of aid for the purchase of alternative energy vehicles in 2016, gives the initiative with 16.6 million euros, and unifies in a single program existing state aid to date to the acquisition alternative energy vehicle, instrumented in MOVELE and Pima Air Programs. Thus we continue with the momentum, for several years, the Government has been giving these vehicles through direct purchasing subsidies.

The government has approved
The Plan promotes MOVEA only acquire alternative fuel vehicles (electric vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG / Autogas), liquefied compressed natural gas (CNG) and (LNG) propel vehicles with fuel cell hydrogen, electric scooters and bicycles pedaling assisted by electric motor), excluding vehicles powered by traditional fuels petrol and diesel.

Also, as more important development, also for aid to implement quickly and semirrápida points for electric cars in publicly accessible areas referred to recharge.

Aid is granted for the acquisition of new alternative energy vehicles registered for the first time in Spain. To be eligible for aid, among others, individuals, freelancers, private companies, local authorities and regional governments, being eligible quads, cars, vans, trucks, buses, trucks, motorcycles and electric bikes; the amount of aid varies depending on the type of vehicle to acquire and propulsion technology.Electric Motorbikes Plan MOVEA

So aid are structured:
  • 1,500 euros for electric motorcycles with power between 3 and 4.5 kWh, electric range equal to or greater than 70 km.
  • 2,000 euros for electrical motorcycles with power equal to or greater than 4.5 kWh, electric range equal to or greater than 70 km.
The plan in any case is quite limited, since the price of the model to acquire can not exceed 8,000 euros. This leaves out models like the BMW C evolution or Zero range. It is intended therefore mainly electric scooters. It is also complicated electric mopeds fit for their power requirements, promoting instead the pedal-assist bicycles. These grants can be up to 2000 € directly and are within the MOVEA plan, a new program is being drafted but its publication is expected by the end of 2015. (READ MORE).

Thus the Ministry of Industry and Energy aims to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles powered by biofuels, LPG, Natural Gas or CNG. The MOVEA be the result of the merger of two previous plans, the Pima Air and MOVELE and will be worth € 17 million in 2016, representing an increase of 10 million compared to 2015.
Electric Motorbikes MOVEA Plan 2016
Electric Motorbikes MOVEA Plan 2016

Electric Motorbikes Plan MOVEA
While the Catalan Energy Agency and includes the request for aid for the purchase of electric motorcycles companies by location in Catalonia, this aid can be a discount of up to 30% of the purchase.

Currently in Spain there are seven factories producing vehicles with alternative energy and in terms of the network of electric charge from the Ministry of Industry stated that the intention is that their numbers grow by 2020, achieving investment necessary for vehicle manufacturers themselves.

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