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Friday, December 4, 2015

Ducati Panigale 959 Full Reviews and Test 2016

Ducati Panigale 959 Full Reviews and Test 2016
Hay Bro Sis...Attention, collector! The 959 is the first sport marketed Ducati directly in version free euro4 to France since 1986! We just live this issue in Valencia… 157 ch of absolute happiness?

While we arrive at the circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, the MotoGP teams which began trials of the 2016 season just to go home. Damage, the meeting would have been obviously extraordinary. In consolation, the Spanish trace, re surfaced a year ago, is still little marked by the scars of one season of racing.

In short, the track is as new, what still raise a notch our excitement before the task that awaits us today: testing the new 959 Panigale! After only 2 years in the catalogue, the ex-899 must therefore resign to cede its place while she could continue his career on this segment without real competition or sports challenge… Yet this departure was inevitable, the euro4 standard press industry calendar, for our greatest happiness and in France especially! As this deadline puts an end to the clamping of the (new) French motorcycles. And in addition to its various technical developments, this Panigale 959 Announces our official issuance with a historical argument: finally free to enjoy mechanical sensations… franco power!

After donning “the leather”, we penetrate the box where the “Panigalettes” are carefully aligned. Asked on their crutches of workshop, their tires wrapped in their blankets, female cadets of the Italian Superbike range was put no less the senses. A show we never not tired when you like the beautiful sports book and the circuit, at moto-station! Quickly, we turn around the pot, this is the case to say and remarks abound: “why the heck have they not submitted the pots under the saddle?;” It looks like the Nine-T muffler; We understand why it took 7 kg with 200 kg all advertised full facts.

Ducati Panigale 959 Full Reviews and Test 2016
The siren sounds and we can finally start the bikes. Undeniably, the typical sound Ducati suffered from the arrival of this new exhaust and dual muffler Akrapovic homologated does not add much better. In the saddle, I rediscovered a typical position of the Panigale: support delivered for the arms, but enough unfolded for my 70 metre legs. New fact, the presence of low lateral exhaust hinders a chouia heel right while new footrest aluminium plates can hang the inside of the boots all depends on their brand and model that said. The ergonomics of the 959, if it is not as natural as on other sports, at least preserves a proper home for the small as the great templates. This is already.

In 2016, embracing the linearity
From 898 cm3 over 899 Panigale 955 cm3 on the new 959, Ducati has chosen to play on the race rather than the bore: 60.8 mm now against 57.2 on the 899 Panigale, the piston up and down so a distance increased from 3.6 mm, which is not nothing even if the global report remains still clearly hyper square with a diameter of 100 mm. What do a nice ashtray in a second life, but for the moment asked especially to propel us too smoke-free…and the first session of 20 minutes will quickly respond to our questions. We remember the 899, a little hollow but full extension and demonstrative block at high speed. The difference is obvious with the 959, significantly more linear in its acceleration and it should say less fun “on top”. On the other hand, if he wants to be more muscular in mi plan on paper, hands handle it does not really feel. For example, if you forget to return a report and you find yourself under 6 500 rpm, the output of curve is rather mollassonne. The fault, no doubt in large part to a “euro4 approved” gear extended (15 x 43 on the Panigale 959 against 15 x 44 on the 899) that obviously does not help it to take tours. But connoisseurs relativiseront, change out of box pinion and/or Crown solve the problem at very little cost, as on previous models.

Note also that circuit essentially uses high revs, which “dilutes” the general nature of an engine. On road, a wiser use should therefore further highlight the strength of the 959 Panigale Ducati in the substantial, we will confirm. For the rest, this Twin in L ‘works’. It seems flexible enough (even if on circuit, we have little opportunity to test), the Ride by Wire electronic throttle and transmission gearbox, limited slip clutch and shifter to the rise of reports only are perfectly efficient and precise.
The laps are linked, the straight is swallowed without a fuss. With 157 horsepower + 6% versus the Panigale 899, the new Panigale 959 is far from dragging, in doubt. If the new block gives the best beyond of 7 000 rpm, the feel acceleration and traction is obviously quite remote from what one knows on a 1000 strong hypersport cm3, 200 horses. The 959, and it is also its strength, offers a “between two”. Board has time to position himself well hide behind the bubble while reports are linked together on the fly thanks to the shifter limiting cuts to spark at least barely noticeable. Nothing to do so with a BMW S 1000 RR which constantly tries to pitch and nibble you the thighs and arms in the slightest stretch. With Panigale 959, there is no fear to spin completely the handle, and it is still very enjoyable when it seeks not a career pilot or to empty his bank account…

Bumps? So what?
The line straight, rather short, the Valencia circuit shows the excellent handling of the Bologna native Cape. This complements the good protection of the bubble, which is excellent with the option bubble racing. An undeniable advantage that severely limits the turbulence at the level of the helmet at more than 250 km/h: lovely work of aerodynamics! At the time of taking the brakes, we perceive the only part really bumpy path, already proven by the season racing 2015. However, the stability of the 959 Panigale has nothing to fear in, can decelerate with confidence thanks to the power of Brembo Stirrups M40 system. Although the feeling is not that of a 1299 Panigale even more richly equipped on this point 330 mm discs, calipers M50 monobloc, performance is still present on the 959.
Then comes the time to follow the curves on this circuit the very sinuous profile. Precise in its investment in corner entry, the 959 Panigale Ducati advertising a little arm and thighs to be maintained at the rope. Rigour on the angle, no worries, it is a rail and the wheelbase must participate. In fact, she is reassuring in curve and the revival on the corner does not require as much concentration as the fierce 1299.

Engine braking under control
During this test, we were several testers journalists to complain about too much engine braking. If road approval is evident, on circuit it overnight to the fluidity of the entries of curve. The Engine Brake Control (EBC) which electronically manages the engine brake was set to 1 at the beginning, the highest level. A good part of the international testers therefore wanted to quickly pass on level 3, minimally intrusive. However, Ducati insisted we have tested the 2nd setting. And it is clear that they were right. Because with this medium of engine braking, the bike setting had changed behaviour. The small oscillations of the accelerator generated less disturbance to the chassis and the 959 Panigale became easier to take in the corners which are horrendously including. Similarly, in some portions, traction control DTC was flashing at all going on the dashboard while no motion of the rear train was felt. Once parameterized at the longer end, Panigale 959 regulated more strength and patterns became more fluid. In short, what really start having fun without a second thought until the checkered flag for the last time in runway edge.

French Test Result of first Panigale full
Not big but really average, position this “Panigalette” on the french market will still not an easy task in 2016. Since if it reaches almost 1 000 cm3, it obviously cannot compete with the big 4-cylinder Japanese pure performance (it makes it close to 50 EA). On the other hand, with its 200 kg all full facts advertised and a cockpit which remains demanding, this 959 proves not as agile as the ballerinas of approximately 600 cm3. Even the price is outside the norm: €16 590 in red colour (+ €200 for the white), is a rate still high-end.

So why choose this sport rather than another? No doubt for the very rare compromise proposed. On the road, it will be more reasonable that a 1 000 cm3 hypersport and any similarly less hollow than a 600 cm3 who appreciates that the whip. And on circuit, also a real effectiveness, Panigale 959 will be more humanly manageable by an amateur that all last missiles arrived on the market and which demand a driver confirmed technical background to draw the quintessence… A compromise performance / ease which obviously joined among Japanese that the famous GSX – R 750, the last it as such. Finally, for collectors, there is also a historical argument: the 959 will be the first of the Panigale officially marketed in free version for France, in accordance with the euro4 standard 2015: either 157 horses of happiness! And by the time running, it would be wrong to Miss well.
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