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Friday, December 4, 2015

BMW C 650 GT Redesigned for 2015 Maxiscooter Reviews

BMW C 650 GT Redesigned for  2015 Maxiscooter Reviews
BMW C 650 GT Redesigned for  2015 Maxiscooter Reviews
Hay Bro Sis...BMW C650 launched in 2012 in two versions,However, the BMW maxiscooter is completely redesigned for this end of 2015. Some slightly changes like the traction control, quality plastics and finishing the first draft of the gaps are erased. But that’s not all. We tried them before their arrival in concession early December, in the living room of Paris …

When BMW returned to the scooter market in 2012 C1 was produced between 2001 and 2003. It was not a model but with two, or rather two versions of the same model to be precise. The C 650 GT was the anti-Burgman 650, comfortable and statutory model and the C 600 Sport, so sporty and techno, supposed to represent a real scarecrow TMax, or even a “TMax Killer”. Result in 2014 when Suzuki flowed a little over 1000 Burgman 650, BMW immatriculait about 400 C 650 GT and when Yamaha flooded the market up to 3500 TMax, BMW had to be content to sell about ten times less C 600 Sport . Never mind, the Bavarian is tenacious. Not only it does not renounce offering a premium alternative to the maxiscooter market but it renews its models. We chose, for this time, to focus specifically on the most sold, the C 650 GT, but it is only a postponement for the C 650 Sport.

BMW C 650 GT 201 the left handlebar switch allows navigation through the menus and display all the information available to the dashboard. It also allows selecting the pitch of the windshield. BMW C 650 GT 2016 has trunk under the saddle accommodates two full without problem and it is still possible to store personal items and more and foot walking can be embellished with chrome. Broad, it also allows to choose his driving position at will. BMW C 650 GT has the right handlebar switch allows another to choose the temperature of the handles and the rider if the options are installed.

The aesthetic changes are most obvious on the version of the C 650 Sport BMW. On the C 650 GT, however, we note a revised design of the handlebars, which gives pride to the perceived quality. The dashboard also changes quite a bit now bearing the signature of the model on the counter background. Distills the information are identical.

However, the two triangles mirrors rods make their appearances, are the lights of the Side View Assist which turn orange when a vehicle is in the blind spot. He also flashing repeater office to prevent the vehicle driver located in the blind spot of our intention to turn. This lane change assistance system operates through four ultrasonic sensors distributed around the vehicle, both near the front wheel and two others under the taillight. A real guarantee of safety, unfortunately as optional LED daytime running lights, unlike the ABS and ASC traction control, present series.

Still on the subject of aesthetic innovations, the rear of the BMW maxi-scooter goes upmarket and appears refined through the adoption of a taillight inherited the K 1600 GT.

The muffler muffler has also been modified: the longer it better covers the rim and gives a more premium look to the C 650 GT. Finally, we appreciate the new surface treatment of certain plastic elements much more qualitative than the old version. The register of good ideas, we salute the parking brake that automatically displays green when the side stand and the new kinematics of the center stand. Two developments that greatly simplify and secure parking a scooter 261 kg fully fueled.

No revolution braking side although now uses a Bosch ABS 9.1 unit. The C 650 GT is always equipped with a double disc 270 mm in diameter pinched by floating calipers two-piston front and single disc 270 mm floating caliper dual piston rear.

Renewal is rather to seek motor side, transmission and amortization: more flexible, the rear handset offers increased comfort but without any loss of rigor, even at very high speed.

As for the engine, it has undergone a facelift to meet the Euro 4 If the power remains equivalent, 60 hp at 7500 tr.mn, it loses some of torque 63 Nm instead of 66-6000 tr.mn . But the new mapping and the changes made to the new transmission favor standing starts and reversals: not sure we lost the exchange. And to top it all, the new muffler sounds better. Worse, rounder, he finally honors the dynamic performance of the BMW Scooter.

Depreciation was softens, comfort is increased rigor but absolutely not suffer.

However, concerning the driving position nothing new. It is still installed. The seat has yet been reviewed and climbs a few centimeters – a low seat height (785 mm) is available as an option with $ 805. But his well-cut shape allows placing the feet on the ground without worry. The back is very straight: we instantly think of the K 1600 GTL except that comfort also depends on the position of the feet is not fixed. We have the lot of choices. One can opt for a very cruising conduct by extending the legs fully forward, more urban by bringing the knees or feet under sportier positioning them further back again, which has the effect of tilting the torso forward, buttocks wedged against the backsplash. A very high backsplash that particularly well maintained and has the particularity to trace a lot of information on the behavior of the rear axle. The other specialty BMW is not far.

The change-transmission-engine exhaust and changes made on depreciation clearly benefit the driver of a BMW C 650 GT. On the motorway, it is absolutely amazed by the behavior of this scooter including when the speed becomes very high. It is quite possible to block the counter hand at 180 km / h stride. Stability is the appointment and the protection provided by the fairing and windshield that can be taken care of electrically ride is really very good. Reassuring braking and seat allows consider without regard to long distances.

The Side View Assist light is on: Danger! A vehicle is hidden in the blind spot, kinematics of the center stand has been completely redesigned to deploy very easily. It works and rear light is directly inherited from the K 1600 GT.

On the road, his behavior is particularly healthy. We must, of course, keep in mind that we are sitting on a scooter over 260 kilos but it is very easy. We then quickly takes the game and links huge turns like small turns to some relaxation. It appears that the box CVT revisited curve allows vigorous outflows. So strong in fact that you appreciate the intervention of the traction control when the coating is not optimal or if the floor is wet. The CSA is especially sweet when it activates. It is not abruptly cut gas as the old 1200 GS for example. It leaves some freedom to the rear tire can slip slightly before resuming grip without brutality. It’s very effective.

It is downtown the C 650 GT may surprise most. Not only its weight is not absolutely felt, but his agility is quite exemplary. It slips easily into the flow of traffic, although helped by a very significant motor recovery capability to extract traffic. The width of the handlebars can be scary but handling it gives the BMW maxiscooter is more an ally than a wound. As for the blind spot monitoring system, which is activated between 25 and 80 km / h, it could become difficult to spend so it saves in serenity. On the one hand, this allows to avoid being surprised by a vehicle that exceeds the right and in particular, by flashing repeater office, it helps to alert a two wheel driver or another user of our intention change lanes when it is too close to us to see our lights. This is not only convenient in traffic but also secure on the tracks that have fast as name.

The Test Overview and Result that BMW C 650 GT A Perfect Commuter
During our test conducted in the Valencia region of Spain, we had the opportunity to test various aspects of the new BMW C 650 GT. We now have what draw the robot portrait of him with whom he seems to address. Contrary to its name GT, one cannot imagine a person seeking a craft for the journey along the short riding this maxiscooter. Not that he is incapable but it would almost be a shame to limit it to long stretches of highway.

However, given its great versatility, anyone seeking an easy craft, comfortable, safe, and what’s more, impeccable in terms of perceived quality to work in the morning, come home and why not go on the weekend end of the coming week should look carefully eye the new C 650 GT as it is today the only one to meet all these criteria with a quality finish worthy of the world of motor premium. And a vehicle detection system in the blind spots: an option, certainly, but coupled with automatic daytime running lights in LED Safety Pack € 495. A small expense in light of € 11,650 claimed no option but a huge gain security.
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