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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pull VW Polo Hatchback 389 units in India , Why ?

Pull VW Polo Hatchback 389 units in India , Why ?
Hay Bro Sis...Once again, it seems as if not satisfied with problems that may require VW attract 11 million units of automobile production worldwide this time back came the shocking news of the manufacturer Volkswagen. Reportedly, that VW will pull polo 389 hatchback car which was in India. What other cases?

Volkswagen (VW) Group located in India stated that it would withdraw Hatchback automobile production that has produced as many as 389 units. It is caused due to problems on the handbrake. According to reports, the hand brake on Polo Hatchback has the potential tension which is quite large.

As reported by Motorbeam and quoted from page oto.detik, Saturday (10/10/2015), which states that the quality inspection department of VW India testified that it had encountered problems in the brakes.

Mentioned also, on certain conditions contained in the wire cable hand brake is potentially large enough to be cracked. And then enabled will cause the brakes to lose control effectiveness when used.

VW dealer has also contacted all owners of the Polo hatchback car that if it were potentially problematic. This car is a car that is assembled in September.

Officers from the VW Group itself has also been stated that the process fixes the problem on the hand brake only takes approximately one hour. In fact, it could be less than the ime. For cars that have been delivered to the consumer, these improvements will be provided free of charge or for free.

This problem seemed to be quite worsen the situation. Because, now VW is being dogged by scandals concerning the problem of emissions. Given this case, is not expected to reduce further the public's confidence in the manufacturer VW Group.

However, on this hand brake problems do not seem too takes a great loss due to repairs can be completed quickly. From this it can be deduced that it was a mistake the brake problems are quite mild, but if left alone will still be risking the lives of the driver.
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