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Friday, October 16, 2015

Pirelli will Make Big Changes in Season 2017

Pirelli will Make Big Changes in Season 2017

Hay Bro Sis...Director of Pirelli, Paul Hemberly, confirmed that Pirelli's new tires can contribute up to three seconds in lap time performance. Pirelli will use a wider tire size on the Formula One (F1) season in 2017.

Currently, F1 targeting many changes to reduce tire lap times of about 5-6 seconds. One of the most notable difference is the size of the tires that will be used in the 2017 season.

Pirelli will widen the front tires of the original size 245 mm to 300 mm, while the rear tires has increased by 75 mm from 325 mm to 400 mm. Other changes will be visible on the front wing is wider and lower rear wing.

"Using wider tires will increase tire footing with the track. It certainly will improve vehicle performance. We will provide data for the team, so that they can determine how much performance can be drawn from these tires, "said 49-year-old man, as preached Grandprixtimes, Friday (16/10/2015).

"This new tire will cut about 2-3 seconds. If they modify the shape is more aerodynamic or better machine structure might be reached when approximately five seconds, "he concluded.
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