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Friday, October 16, 2015

Mercedes - Benz Indonesia Denies There Violence in Ciputat

Mercedes - Benz Indonesia Denies There Violence in Ciputat

Hay Bro Sis...A learner training center Mercedes-Benz Indonesia is thought to have experienced physical violence in the educational environment. Sigit Munandar (22), student scholarship program participants Training Automotive Mechatronic force this year (40th), should be treated in the emergency room of the Hospital MH Thamrin International, Salemba, Jakarta due to the serious injuries suffered.

Thus an important source Dapurpacu.com convey information. Sources did not dare reveal his identity, said the victim was the son of a farmer from Sukoharjo, Central Java.

Sigit was in the training center of Mercedes-Benz in Ciputat, Tangerang because it is following the educational scholarship program from year to year since 1978 has always made the German company.

"The victim's family has so far not know what happened to her son," the source told Dapurpacu.com, Saturday (3/10). "The victim was persecuted senior. Now enter the ICU. Kidney destroyed, the lung leaks, cracked jaw, back, full of incendiary smoke, "he continued.

Confirmed about the incident, a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Ananta Wisesa the circulation of information can not justify the violence. Ananta even said he was surprised when Dapurpacu.com confirm.

Meanwhile, the information center RS ​​MH Thamrin, Saturday (3/10), confirmed on the existence of a patient named Sigit Munandar asked Dapurpacu.com. Via telephone the hospital said Sigit went into the emergency room with a diagnosis of bleeding in the urine (hematuria) and disorders of organs in the abdominal cavity (abdominal pain).

Dapurpacu.com even has received assurance from the workers who carry Sigit to hospital on 27 September 2015. Sources who again did not want to be associated in this case justify Sigit Munandar as scholarship recipients education training at Mercedes-Benz recommended Dipo Motor, network sales and after sales of Mercedes-Benz.

Unfortunately, the source of this woman always give the same answer to different questions that are released Dapurpacu.com. "Sigit has been handled well," said the source. And, when pressed deeper question sources instead hang up and no longer be reached.

While the PC and the VT Training Section Manager of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia John C. Sutama contacted, Sunday (4/10) night, clearly dismissed the issue of the case. "Absolutely not true. There is no violence in the training of Mercy, "wrote in a message Sutama.
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