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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Magical power No. 46 for Rossi

Magical power No. 46 for Rossi
Hay Bro Sis....During wrestle world of racing, veteran racer Valentino Rossi Likened identical with the number 46. The number 46 and Rossi are two things that can not be separated. In addition to having historical value, number 46 also has the magical power to Rossi, sometimes things that are unique in the world of racing Rossi could be associated with the number 46.

MotoGP career. Rossi always appear with the number 46, beginning Rossi using the number 46 is when watching the action a wildcard rider from Japan numbered 46 on the television screen. Number 46 also inherited a number of Graziano Rossi, father of Rossi when winning the first race in 1979 with his Morbidelli. Until now Rossi faithful wear the number 46 and did not follow the trend of other world champions who choose to wear the number 1 after winning the champion title. Even so legendary number 46, this number is set as the number Rossi forever and nobody can use it in MotoGP.

Number 46 is also often associated with the unique and special things in life especially Rossi races. There are some magical things that relate to the numbers Rossi pride. An example is when Rossi returned to Yamaha in 2013 after two seasons a total failure undergoing racing with the Ducati team. In the first year at Yamaha, Rossi then won the race in Assen circuit, Netherlands. The victory was special, because it is Rossi's 46th victory with Yamaha, victory at Assen is also a Rossi victory after no podium for 46 times MotoGP series. That's not enough, total points are managed diraip Rossi after victory at Assen was 4,646 points. See the above statistics, how special the number 46 attached to Rossi.

"It is a bit unique. However, arguably the number 46 has the meaning of good and bad for Rossi. Because Rossi had to wait 46 series until he could get back up to the highest podium, "said Graziano responding to questions about the meaning of the number 46 for Rossi, quoted MotorPlus, Saturday (10/03/2015).

Rossi is currently struggling to clinch the MotoGP world title and successfully leads the MotoGP standings after he successfully captured the third position in the Aragon circuit. Total points won by Rossi after the race at Motorland Aragon is 263 points. Rossi now have to fight against other candidates who are also world champion team-mate, Jorge Lorenzo continues to stick strictly Rossi in second MotoGP standings with 249 points number.
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