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Friday, October 16, 2015

Kicked off with the Brembo Brake Create Extremes

Kicked off with the Brembo Brake Create Extremes
Hay Bro Sis....Brembo brakes company will create a new brake with extreme durability. Brembo brakes as a supplier of Formula One (F1) did some testing so that their products are working as expected.

Brembo asserted, during the F1 event a lot of heavy braking is done. For example when the Singapore Grand Prix, riders will perform more than 1,400 times the braking. When a driver is braking, tire rotation will be stopped almost at the speed of 290 kilometers per hour.

When the carbon brakes will experience temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Celsius due to friction between the brake disc and caliper.

As reported Grandprixtimes, Friday (16/10/2015), Brembo not only to test the extreme conditions on the brakes. Giant company from the United States (US), it wanted to ascertain whether the new brakes they can work well or not.

They perform simulations using a high speed drill and put it on the bench. When the brake disc is pressed repeatedly to simulate racing of F1.
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