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Friday, October 16, 2015

Homecoming Safely With Motorcycle

Homecoming Safely With Motorcycle

Hay Bro Sis...For some people ahead of Eid prepared to pack carry Hari Raya towards hometown. But unfortunately, they are fairly desperate to use two wheels to take hundreds of kilometers.

According to the Professional Trainer Joel D. Mastana Safety Riding a motorcycle is actually made to support mobility at close range, not used for long distance. Just for the sake wanted to maintain the tradition of homecoming, the people reckless use towards hometown.

There are a few tips to keep in mind that the rider survived as follows:

  • Self health management and the motor, the motor is well prepared in the workshop subscriptions and always ensure that the condition of the body has been very good when driving.
  • Checks such as the condition of the tires still feasible or not. Braking and replace oil. check and oil change done to the motor condition completely roadworthy.
  • The rider must also be prepared and mental health. physical and mental condition is necessary so that the driver can anticipate all possibilities on the road.
  • Do not carry excessive provisions. Try to provision many sent only via package. This can reduce the load on the vehicle and make it easier to accelerate.
  • Time management, to the destination before dark. Because the dark current stamina level has decreased. The goal is to avoid driving at night that cause harm.
  • Use the proper safety equipment to drive. The purpose of this safety gear to avoid injuries or abrasions in the event of an accident.

Only once again Joel is advised not to use the motorcycle when going home. "If we use the motorcycle then we must be in a situation of mass murder is indirectly or directly."
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