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Friday, October 16, 2015

Chinese Students Make Electric Sports Car Speed ​​30 kph

Chinese Students Make Electric Sports Car Speed ​​30 kph

Hay Bro Sis...Yinxi Chen, 27-year-old engineering student origin Hainan, China, to build electric-powered sports cars. Adopting the form of all-round, the car is still a prototype phase is to appear attractive to the lower body structure like a supercar.

Chen named his car Hainan Xiaohuohua. Car exterior material using carbon fiber reinforced plastic and are derived from the company of his father. Uniquely, it performs printing and modeling himself learned from the internet.

Xiaohuohua power supplied from the low-speed electric motor purchased from the internet. Top speed is a bit disappointing only 30 km / h. Chen did not announce another spesifiksi, but he said the dream of a new motor with more power.

Chen said that he spent US $ 4,740 or equivalent to Rp 64.5 million to build the car. While waiting for his savings to thicken or an investor is interested, he currently rents his car to photograph pernikahaan or opening shops and so on.

Unfortunately, because Xiaohuohua born not of accredited companies, the possibility of the car is not allowed to be driven on the highway. Why, only companies approved by the Chinese government is allowed on the street
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