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Friday, October 16, 2015

Brother JJ : They Will Forget Me, But Not with Indonesia

Brother JJ : They Will Forget Me, But Not with Indonesia

Hay Bro Sis...Gait Jeffrey Polnaja venturing alone riding a motorcycle across 97 countries is expected to be transmitted to the younger generation underneath. The man who is familiarly called Kang JJ is advised not to obstruct the material constraints touring dream to explore the world. The point is to hone skills in order to be able to 'sell' when traveling abroad.

"I'm not the excess materially but I can travel around the world to bring a message of peace. Because the point is not the money. Nominal amount will never be enough. 1,2,3 billion undoubtedly definitely out. Have a skill that can bring money. Examples chef, so when money is thin, could sell expertise for the extra cost, "he said of the original Bandung.

JJ Kang added, the first time a mission Ride for Peace (RFP) 2006, he did not understand photography, but now, the fruit of his work in the exhibition Canadian champion. "It was my intention, we do not just touring, but also need to hone the skill. Photo shots I purchased the US $ 200-300. Quite right for gasoline and others, "he added.

One stressed Kang JJ, never begged rewards despite tight state of the bag. "Do miserably. I tell you the truth. I am from Indonesia, I'm venturing alone around the world. I want to work part-time your place to continue the journey. They will be more respect. Be proud so people of Indonesia, "he said.

Kang JJ traveling around the world in two stages. The first stage starts from 2006-2008, he returned to the country because the bike is lost time in the Netherlands. The second phase lived from 2012 to finish 2015 with a total mileage of 420,000 km. Enlisting as a motorbike rider in the world's second longest in the list Circumnavigation Wikipedia.org.

Male 53 years are summarized as one of the few people ever feel last asphalt parts of the Arctic world in Siberia, and the South Pole in Brazil. The name of Indonesia in second place after Emilio Scotto (1985-1995) who traveled the world on a Honda Gold Wing GL1100 with a total distance of 735,000 km.

"I came to the small villages. I nginap few days there. I chatted at length, socializing with people who are completely new. Five or ten years from now they might forget the name of Jeffrey Polnaja. But they will not forget with Indonesia. One day they will say to our children and grandchildren that there are people in Indonesia increased motor that had stopped in the village, "said Broe JJ.
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