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Friday, October 16, 2015

10 How Safe tandem

10 How Safe tandem

Hay Bro Sis...For those of you bikers and perhaps less attention pebonceng safe manner when the tandem. Here are 10 tips on safe tandem of Jusri Pulubuhu, Chief Instructor of Defensive Driving Jakarta Consulting (JDDC) such as:

  1. Rise to the top of the motor when the machine is turned on and the riders are ready.
  2. Sit stick as close as possible without making you uncomfortable in motion, however, ridership / boncenger / pillion riders should position themselves as 'active' to two. Giving a role to the overall safety.
  3. Docked and grip was at the waist or embrace the future together two hands (if you can).
  4. If an objection to embrace or hug forward then close the waist to the feet of the rider to get a good driving rhythm, a minimal part in the second area in the hip knee boncenger docked driver
  5. Still put the foot on the footpeg at all times even when the motor stops,
  6. If pillion women, avoid sitting sideways (lateral sitting) sit facing prominent (forward sitting)
  7. Keep moving in rhythm, when riders lean over so follow his position,
  8. Always equate with a view of the movement of the rider's head in order to move the vehicle dynamic.
  9. Avoid conversations or movements that might interfere with concentration,
  10. Do not do sudden movements when the motor is in motion or when berhenti.Selambat tandem driving and congratulations!

Hopefully these tips can help us to be safe and secure during tandem.
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